Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SEO Myths and the Real Truth

When you're working on your own website and trying to get it ready to get real results in the search engines, you'll quickly find that there is plenty of information available out there on the internet. While a lot of the information you may find is helpful, you may find some other information that is contradictory. Several different SEO myths are often found on the web and it is important to that you know the difference between a myth and the real truth. Here is a look at some of the most common SEO myths and the real truth that you need to know.

Myth #1 - You Should Submission Services or Programs to Submit Your Site to Thousands of Search Engines

Some services and programs advertise that they will submit your website to thousands of search engines. The idea that you should use these services or programs is only a myth. In fact, this idea is usually something that is propagated by the companies that are offering these services and programs. The real truth is that there are not thousands of search engines out there for them to submit to today. Usually the sites that these services submit to are known as free for all sites. They say that your site link will be placed on their site, which they may do for a short time. This won't give you traffic and you need to know that there are only a few top search engines out there.

Myth #2 - Your Site Will Be Penalized for Using Software to Check Positions in Search Engines

Another myth about SEO out there is that your site will be penalized for using software to check positions in the search engines. This is also untrue. When issues are not under the control of the webmaster, the search engines will not penalize your site for that problem. However, if you choose to link out to pages that you know are bad, then there can be heavy penalties for that. You are in control of which sites that you submit to, so you aren't going to be penalized for sites that decide to put links up to your website.

Myth #3 - You Can't Do Your Own SEO

Many people misguidedly believe that you cannot do your own search engine optimization. The real truth is that many people have done their own SEO and they have done this in effective ways, scoring great ratings in the search engines. In many cases, big companies hire in-house professionals to do their own SEO. However, others have managed to do their own SEO and they have done a good job at it. Keep in mind, that while you can do your own SEO, there is definitely a lot to learn. It's important that you have good information and that you are able to take the time to do it the right way if you want to successfully do SEO on your own.

Myth #4 - Meta Tags are the Top Factor Search Engines Use

The idea that meta tags are the top factor search engines use when determining rank is another big myth that many people still believe. For this reason, many people spend quite a bit of time working on meta tags when they should be focusing on other options. Today, many of the big search engines, such as Google, are ignoring meta tags because many webmasters are actually misusing and abusing them. Only the meta description is used by search engines and the rest of the meta tag information is largely ignored.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Overview of Internet Style Navigation Types

Guest post by: Miami Web Design

Navigation will be the single most significant factor to obtain correct in any internet style. It has to become fast, simple, and fit into the general theme with the website. It‘s so essential that we frequently invest as a lot time creating certain it functions, as we do designing the website. You will find a couple of typical style patterns which are utilized all through the web, as we're going to go more than them now.

Leading Navigation

This really is most frequently a horizontal bar operating across the leading, or close to the leading of a internet page. The benefit of this navigation is it is familiarity. It is recognition is really a self-perpetuating element. It is well-liked simply because it is utilized a great deal, and it is utilized a great deal simply because it is familiar to users.

It is perfect for smaller websites, but can turn out to be just a little cumbersome as soon as you need to develop kid menus as drop-downs. Believed has to become offered to exactly where the website is going to become inside a couple of years’ time when utilizing this inside a web site style. A static website will probably be fine, but an ever-growing 1 might do much better having a vertical navigational structure.

Vertical Navigation

Vertical navigation is usually on the left side, so it is frequently referred to as sidebar navigation. This structure is much better suited to bigger websites, as sub-menus just function much better in this configuration. Care nonetheless has to become taken to not overwhelm the user having a bundle of hyperlinks that fly out with the sidebar.

For websites having a big quantity of pages, utilizing intelligent categories is really a much better way of maintaining a great deal of info obtainable whilst not overwhelming the visitor. Web site styles utilizing vertical navigation may be observed all across the web. A few of the greatest websites on the planet use this configuration. Partly simply because they're large, and partly to provide them space to develop.

Tabular Navigation

Tabular navigation utilizes tabs, because the name implies. These are generally leading horizontal, and function just like paper tabs. Clicking on a tab highlights it and brings up the page content material. A lot like leading navigation, this technique is much more helpful in smaller web site styles.

It is feasible to have sub-menus with tabs, but they've to become of a various style. This can result in confusion unless it is abundantly clear that it is occurred.

Fly-Out Navigation

Fly-out navigation is utilized a great deal in ecommerce. Site’s which have a leading navigational structure can use this technique to include numerous hyperlinks as a sub-menu whilst maintaining it clear towards the visitor exactly where every thing is. Every thing is effortlessly accessible, and also you can add a great deal of hyperlinks into the fly-out panel. It is also extremely scalable, providing website owners the opportunity to expand the website as they see fit.

The primary downside to this really is that it isn’t usually clear that the leading menu consists of a fly-out section. It also does not usually translate too nicely to mobile browsing.

There's no ideal navigation structure. The very best type of navigation is 1 that functions using the web site style, and also the desired hierarchy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Five Common SEO Mistakes on Websites By Sarasota Web Design

Sarasota Web Design

Search Engine Optimization is an essential tool for getting your website noticed. Without at least a nod in the direction of SEO, you stand little chance of getting to the top of your niche, unless it’s an ultra-rare one that is.

Professional-level SEO is a specialist subject, and not something we can cover in a single post, or even a series of them. However, there are some basic measures a website owner can take to give themselves a little boost while we work our magic on the bigger picture.

Website design is only half the battle when dealing with commercial entities. We work hard to make sure the end result is attractive, navigable and useful to the audience. That work is all for naught if nobody knows it’s there, which is where SEO comes in. This post is all about the common mistakes website owners make when managing their sites.

Not having a page title. Search engines use the title tag to display the page in the search results. If there isn’t one, or it doesn’t make sense, it makes it harder to rank the page. Spiders won’t be able to easily identify your page, and its contents. That will work against any SEO efforts for the site.

Having a page title that is too long. Page titles that are over the top, or even too short will also work against the page. Google allows 70 characters in a title, so website owners should use every single one of them. Don’t stuff it full of keywords though as you’ll dilute their effect. Target one or two at most to gain maximum benefit. Fort Myers web design company is the perfect place to start your search for the ultimate in web design needs.

Words that appear first in a title are given more significance by the search engine. That means putting the page keywords at the beginning and supporting words after it. It takes a little tweaking, but it’s usually possible.

Keyword stuffing. As mentioned above, putting too many keywords into a title will dilute their effect. Websites that have this may rank highly but only briefly, and will soon fade. Using targeted keywords, and only one or two per page is the best way to extract maximum SEO juice from them.

Not only does Google not like it, but if you’re selling something keyword stuffed pages often have very high bounce rates. You need conversions to make money, not just visitors.

Overusing the site name. While it may seem logical, it doesn’t make much sense in SEO terms to have the company or website name in the title. You have 70 characters with which to make an impact, why waste it on your company name? Searches using that term will come up anyway, you want keyword terms to get new visitors.

Remember, keywords are supposed to be terms real people use to find what you’re selling. Putting your name in the title isn’t what they want. They want your product or service.

Duplicating titles. You want search engines and visitors to be able to quickly identify what page is what. By keeping them all the same, you’re just confusing everyone. Every site page should be unique. Duplication of anything should be kept to the absolute minimum, whatever your website is about.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Red Light Therapy and Tendonitis

Anyone who does sports can tell you how painful tendonitis can be. They will also tell you how ineffective many treatments can be too. Red light therapy seeks to change all that by offering a truly effective treatment for this very common ailment. Could there really be a fast, effective cure for tendonitis or is it too good to be true? Read on to find out.

Tendonitis, also called tendinitis, is an inflammation of the tendons that join the muscles and bone together. These tendons are cords of gristly, connective tissue that keeps the muscles attached to the bone and allows the muscle to generate motion. Our body is full of these tendons, that for the most part, work smoothly and effortlessly as we go about our day. When these become inflamed or irritated and affect the movement of the tendon. That’s tendonitis.

The best way to treat tendonitis is to stop doing the activity that causes it. That’s all very well if it’s a leisure activity, but if it’s part of a lifestyle or job, it isn’t so easy. Most conventional treatments involve resting for up to 3 weeks, using a brace if practical, applying anti-inflammatory creams or taking drugs, monitoring the situation, trying gentle movement and a gradual return to the activity. If the treatment wasn’t successful then further work is needed.

Red light therapy is known to help with muscle problems and other surface ailments such as bad skin, wrinkles, and muscle atrophy. It works by stimulating the chemical adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which produces energy for cell use. This stimulation speeds up cell growth and repair, which in turn ensures the damaged tendon cells are replaced much quicker than would be usual.

We have known for a while that ultrasound is a useful tool in fighting tendonitis, but studies conducted by the University of Wisconsin found that red light therapy was more effective and worked much quicker than ultrasound. As the treatment is risk free, pain free and relatively cost-effective, it’s slowly being recognized as a viable alternative to conventional tendonitis treatments.

Whereas ultrasound penetrates deep into the body, red light therapy only penetrates the surface of the skin. The LED isn’t strong enough to go further, which makes it ideal for this kind of treatment. It also means that the power of the light can be directed solely for the benefit of the tendons, offering a much more directed approach to the treatment.

This kind of therapy doesn’t replace conventional treatment, but complements them. You’re still going to have to refrain from whatever caused it, you’re still going to have to rest, and you’re still going to have to apply the cream or take the drugs. However, you’re going to heal much quicker with a series of red light therapy sessions, which is good news. That means less downtime for you, and a quicker return to whatever pastime it was that gave you the problems in the first place.

Monday, October 11, 2010

One of the best things a golfer can have

pc pro schools

Whether you are a beginner golfer, recreational or professional, there are some things you just shouldn’t be without- a Powerchute being one of them. Powerchute is a universal benefit for most everyone, and it creates just the right amount of resistance for golfers. It’s a training aid meant to improve your swing and ultimately your golf experience. Powerchute will help you almost effortlessly create a proper sequence and increase the distance that comes right after.

Every swing you take in golf is important. The mechanics of your swing are also important because the faster you can swing the farther the ball goes. Most people say there’s so much more to it, and there is. There’s proper sequencing to be considered as well as lag. Powerchute can do wonders for golfers of all skill levels because it can help you improve every single one of these things. It improves your sequencing to then increase your lag, causing your clubhead speed to move quickly through the impact zone. A steady proper-formed swing from using Powerchute will in turn equal out to more distance. For the newbie’s, you should actually be a little careful when handling the Powerchute. If you’re working toward a fast swing and more distance, Powerchute will help you do it, but may take you for a ride. Your body will accelerate so quickly, that you may not be able to get used to it on the first or second swing. Tip: Keep your weight on your heels, so that when you swing, you don’t happen to fall face forward onto the green.

For a professional golfer, using Powerchute may not increase the distance by much, but there is a significant improvement. These pro golfers can even see an improvement in speed by a few miles per hour. Pro golfers tend to know the sport pretty well, but imagine what it can do for the average golfer. If you are a recreational golfer or just starting, your form isn’t anywhere near perfect yet, and many avid golfers can vouch for that. It’s not the easiest sports, but Powerchute can help you with it. Powerchute can help you enhance your errors (whether you realize them or not), making you know what needs to be improved.

The Powerchute is one thing every golfer should have aside from the first aid kit, sunscreen, extra gloves etc. Not only is it a great training tool to help you form perfect sequencing, lag and clubhead speed, it can help you in a time of need. Have you ever been in a round of golf where your swing is just off? Or when your distance just isn’t what it could be or has been? Powerchute is collapsible and can fit easily into your golf bag. When you’re having one of these moments, wait for an off turn, and take a couple of swings with it. It can help you get your body back into proper form, and after a few practice swings with it attached to your club, you’ll be ready for you’re a-game swing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joomla is an award-winning content management system which is also termed as CMS, which facilitates to build web sites and enables powerful online applications. There are many benefits such as ease-of-use, easy applicability, extensibility and many other advantages have made Joomla extremely popular. It can be stated that it is a one-stop-shop for all consumers and businesses who are looking for all kind of facilities for their web site. To sum up, joomla is an open source solution for every one. This kind of facility is extremely benefiting to the large number of people, wherein they can find a suitable employment or a business to prosper through the medium of joomla.

Many may be wondering as to what is joomla and how it can offer benefits to the common people. Content management system is a software that keeps a track of every piece of content that is available on your web site. This is similar to a public library where you store your books by naming with a code or in an alphabetical order. Content can be in simple text, photos, music, video, documents or may be anything that you can think of. One of the best advantage of using CMS is that it does not require any technical skill or knowledge to manage. This is because of the fact that CMS manages all your content and you just have to see its performance.

Some of the best examples of joomla performance are corporate web sites or portals, corporate intranets, extranets, on line magazines, newspapers, publications, e-commerce, on line reservations, government applications, small business web sites, non-profit organizational web sites, school web sites, church web sites, personal home pages and family home pages and there is a scope and opportunity for many new ideas and development of new web sites.

Joomla is used by restaurants chains, educational universities, the eco-resources, MTV networks, furniture designs, cultural play institutions or colleges and outdoor photographers. Some of the web sites developed by joomla are quizilla.com, ihop.com, gsas.harvard.edu, greenmaven.com, outdoorphotogrpaher.com, playshakespeare.com and sensointeriors.co.za.

As it is evident the Internet technology has offered lot of facilities for web development and content management. In fact there many new forays which are emerging leading to another paradigm of success for all sectors. Consumers, businesses and common people are at great benefit with Internet technology and computer technology. Therefore, joomla is one of the tools that are contributing to the success of internet technology by offering lot of facilities to develop many more web sites which act as a medium of communication and also as network. Joomla has plenty of other features for the common people and also for the benefit of upcoming businesses. But this has to be used for right and genuine motives.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Encounter with Dell Mini 5

Looking at the picture of new Dell Mini 5, anybody will wonder if it is a phone larger in size or a tablet smaller in size. I got the same impression when I had a chance to glance at a preview of the phone. The preview was lying on a table of Dell at the MobileFocus event. The representative of the company standing there gave me a hands-on demo of the phone. Although it was just a model of the phone, it looked amazing. More social media archiving solutions should be on the way soon.

Holding the phone in my hands felt great. The representative told me about its features and all I could say was– Wow! Dell Mini 5 has many similarities as of a smartphone. First of all the phone has multitouch screen to give a royal look and a comfortable experience. It provides 3G connectivity and is easy to operate. The phone also contains 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and not to forget, Google’s Android operating method.

The only thing which I didn’t like much is that it’s quite big for a smartphone. But despite being big it doesn’t weigh much, only 8 ounces. Thus my arms will not be strained while using the phone. Any onlooker may get confused whether you are holding a phone or a compact book. I just wonder that how will I look holding the phone next to my face and that how will I carry it as it may not fit in the pockets of my tight jeans.

Mini 5 is also known as Model M01M. You can spot the model name under the battery cover. The phone is using Android 1.6 operating system. Since a newer version of Android is available in the market, I just hope that the operating system of Mini 5 will be upgraded to Android 2.1 at launch time.

The price tag on the phone stated $1,908 but this was only a dummy model. We can expect the price change by the time of release and also the actual market price would be different.

Some of the on-look features of the phone include:
  • • Five inch touch screen display
  • • 800*480 resolution
  • • 1 Ghz processor
  • • Wi-Fi
  • • Bluetooth
  • • 3G connectivity
  • • 5 megapixel camera
  • • Dual LED flash
  • • Front camera

Even the folks which were present there were quite impressed with the features and efficiency of the phone. The phone looked really attractive and definitely it’s not an iPad. I imagine myself using that phone at home and at work. Without doubt I am going to buy the product if it is competitively priced.

What do you think about owing a Dell Mini 5?